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Planning is everything

The COVID pandemic has left many of us thinking of what the future may hold. Today, we find ourselves in yet another wave proving to be even more devastating than those prior. We’ve seen the devastating effects of this on our families and businesses and know that that these struggles are like none we have experienced before.
Alternatives can be described as assets or investment strategies other than bonds, traditional equities or cash instruments. Well-known alternatives include private equity, venture capital, private debt (non-bank loans), hedge funds, infrastructure and real estate (IOL, 2019). Ultimately, an alternative can be classified as any form of investment in non-traditional assets and/or using a non-traditional approach to investing (Moneyweb, 2021).
Our qualified team of specialists are here to assist with any enquiry which you may have and will gladly assist by providing you with a suitable solution whether it be for the drafting of your will, estate planning or registering an inter vivos trust.

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