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    Everest – South African Wealth Manager
    Focus is to protect, sustain and grow long-term wealth as well as create a legacy – being able to offer our clients not only financial advice, but unique financial product solutions to suit their advice objectives.
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    True wealth is built over time and at Everest we have a proven track record of delivering on our objectives to clients
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    Nurturing a continued financial plan, matched with unique Everest solutions
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Everest, established in 2002, focused on delivering Discretionary Investment Management solutions.

True wealth is built over time and at Everest Wealth we understand that every client invests with a specific objective in mind, therefore we offer truly diversified solutions focusing on delivering on those unique objectives. Everest Wealth has a proven track record to deliver stable above average returns over the medium to long term, finding unique listed and alternative investment vehicles such as Private Equity and 12J structures at the core of our investment philosophy. Building long standing trustworthy relationships is at the heart of all we do, ensuring fair and honest dealings supported by strong corporate governance.

Why invest with us

Our approach to your wealth

Everest defines a crucial part of wealth management as the art and science of making decisions about the investment mix, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals and institutions, and balancing risk against performance as well as full financial planning and protection against external forces that could distort your wealth journey. It’s about time in the market, not timing the market – this is critical to wealth creation and preservation.


Investment Solutions

A range of portfolio solutions offering a unique, tangible and credible investment alternative to traditional investments – were consistency of returns for our clients is more important than chasing high & volatile, traditional market outperformance.


Fiduciary Services

Part of leaving a legacy, is to ensure personalised administration of clients trusts, wills and estates. Transform your unique fiduciary needs into a bespoke solution.


Advisory Services

In a world that is evolving, too many financial solutions are available for clients to choose from, it is therefore becoming crucial that financial advisers act as specialists in the solutions the render advice on. Let us assist you in understanding the difference between specialised advice compared to broad (independent) product selection.


Success built in a journey well spent.

Everest manages a unique, alternative, set of investment portfolio solutions for clients, each with a focused term, objective and mitigated risks, compared to traditional investments.

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The Everest community extends to all corners of the globe. Here is the latest news on what is going on in the EVEREST network.

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