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Our team of professionals has more than 40 years of experience in the areas of financial and estate planning, wills, deceased estate administration and trust management.

Estate &

tax planning

The term “estate” refers to all assets which are regarded as the property of an individual and also includes those assets which are regarded as deemed property upon their death. The estate is also inclusive of an individual’s liabilities which are deducted from the total value of their assets upon death.

Establishment of living wills,

last wills & trusts

A trust is mainly created for the purpose of protection of a minor’s inheritance and ensuring that the founder’s legacy is maintained on behalf of the beneficiary. Two types of trusts are:

• Trust between living persons
• Testamentary trusts – created in terms of a will

Independent trust administration

& trustee appointment

The independent trustee is appointed to ensure that the trust is administered in accordance with the responsibilities set out in the trust deed and that the trustees of the trust comply with the applicable legislation and any further precedents set by our courts. The trustees need to act independently for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

We Offer:

• Secretarial and Administrative Services
• Trust Income and Expenditure
• Legal & Other Compliance
• Tax Compliance & Accounting

Administration of

deceased estates

Administration of estates where Everest Wealth is appointed as executor
Administration in terms of a Power of Attorney where another person is appointed as executor.

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