Who we are

We guide our clients toward their
individual financial summits.

We recognise that our experience, insight and real-world experience are a privilege. One we can share with others, with profound outcomes.

If we do our job right, the person who signs up for the journey will not be the same person that reaches the destination. Our investors will have gained meaningful experiences and relationships – and their lives will be richer for putting their trust in us.

That’s what we get out of it. Your success is our success.

Company Vision & Mission

Our main focus is to offer sound investment management and promote stable returns over the medium to long term. Our non-traditional investments have the advantage of avoiding traditional market fluctuations and provide excellent opportunities for wealth creation under responsibly managed portfolios.

We have the expertise to recommend solutions and funds, with suitable risk and growth indicators, that result in reliable wealth creation and protection. We believe in constantly finding innovative ways to maximise return on investment by developing market-leading, alternative products.


Our actively involved management team consists of highly skilled members with decades of combined investment  and advisory expertise.


Acquiring strategic relationships with key influencers in the financial industry assists towards preservation of strength of business and quality of value offering.


We appoint only qualified and passionate employees, with a focus on skills development, to ensure that our personnel aren’t just dedicated to their positions, but also growing the business while growing themselves.

Discover financial freedom

Your journey starts with Everest.

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