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We started from humble beginnings

Focus on Medical Aid & Short Term Insurance
Built up client base of over 1 000 medical aid and short term insurance clients
Developed an investment offering towards private clients looking for unique, specialised and high growth exposure to derivative investment
Focus on 'Alternative Investments'. Managed Private Equity Investment Portfolio's established
Partnered with leading Financial Advisory businesses such: FJI & AFS
Managed Section 12J Investment Portfolio Established
Partnership with leading, independent, Mergers & Acquisitions Firm, Privati Capital
First approved Section 12J Investment Provider by Momentum Consult
Approved third party Investment Manager by Momentum Securities
Approved third party Investment Manager by SFP, a subsidiary of Sanlam
Launched new Managed Private Equity Portfolios: Strategic Asia Pacfic Growth Portfolio & Global Property Portfolio
R1 Bil + in combined Assets Under Management
New Traditional Managed Portfolio's launched
Everest trading platform and LISP collaboration launched

What is wealth to you?

Our Philosophy



Offering our stakeholders tangible value, whether it  be financially, personally, or in terms of growth opportunities. 



Providing security by assuring that our company is stable, credible, ethical, and sustainable, both to employees and investors. 



Applying our expertise in all areas of our business operations, from sourcing and managing solutions to selecting and inviting investors to be part of our success story. 

Our Mission

Our corporate mission can be summarised in one-word; growth. We are growing in company size and skills and offer an array of diversified portfolio solutions. 

Our Vision

Challenging the trust in traditional investment opportunities by offering above average returns through tangible, stable and credible investment alternatives.

Wealth Creation

Quality investment management through unique, specialised, exclusive and alternative investment solutions, promoting stable returns for Clients, over the medium to long-term. Focusing on voluntary, pre and post retirement value generation.


Finding unique alternatives such as Private Equity and l2J structures at the core of our investment solutions, means understanding that financial advice should be aimed, not only at investment and insurance, but in the fields of tax, estate and fiduciary planning, to ensure as much value is retained by our Clients, whilst both living and in death.

Wealth Protection

True wealth is built over time and at Everest, although we have a proven track record of delivering above average returns for Clients, we further promote holistic financial advice, aimed towards ensuring that our Client’s wealth is further protected, by means of a specialised house-view of long and short term insurance, medical aid & other financial service solutions.

Wealth Conversion

Everest aims to manage its investment solutions, with an emphasis on generating high dividends and / or interest coupled with a steady capital growth or high capital preservation. This makes our solutions better equipped towards a streamlined transition for Clients into an income requiring phase of their lives, without exposing Client value to far greater volatility and / or risks, but simultaneously creating higher expectations of level of income generation.

Learn more about Everest and the value we can offer.

Growth. Innovation. Trust.