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Everest Advisory is a registered FSP: 49495 CAT I

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At Everest Wealth, we believe that suitable advice can make all the difference when making investment decisions. The advice that our advisors provide enables our clients to understand the market and financial products, and assists in safeguarding them against economic pressure. Let us navigate you toward your investment goals and along the way build a longstanding and trustworthy relationship.

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Understand your past and your current needs through assessment.

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Review your current investment portfolio. Understand the past to direct the future/according to your future goals.

Everest Wealth


The Everest Wealth advisory team evaluates all alternative investment options and presents you with a holistic proposal.



After accepting a no-obligation opportunity quote you will be walked through FICA registration, and the investment process will be attended to by Everest Wealth staff in collaboration with your advisor.

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Jaime Schmahl

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Ruan Nel

Financial Advisor

Jan Van Dyk

Financial Advisor

Charmaine Gale Weavers

Financial Advisor

Charmaine is a Financial Advisor specialising in Private Equity investment instrument and alternative asset class investments. She believes investors should act with clarity of information and not out of emotion. She is driven by excellence with over 2 decades of experience in the financial and private equity sector, local and international, on various platforms with financial solutions.

She has a solid client-base and a proficient team of support staff and offer solutions from pre-retirement to post-retirement as well as Estate Planning by protecting their dependants, and businesses from unexpected life events, adding value to their journey to financial freedom.

She believes every client is unique, and so is her approach, to creating a tailor-made financial solution and tools to her clients.

Her advice is based on a holistic approach to which she is truly committed in offering an array of diversified portfolio solutions in terms of objective to offer diverse, non-traditional investment opportunities to her client.

Reinhardt Van Der Merwe

Financial Advisor

George Schmahl

Financial Advisor

Illeze Coetzee

Financial Advisor

Illezé started her career in the financial industry over a decade ago, constantly improving herself with industry knowledge and relevant qualifications.

Her objective is to guide clients to financial success, by protecting their dependents, businesses and employees, from unexpected life events, adding value to their journey to financial freedom. She provides her clients with the tools that they require to place them in a better position than what they were in before, so that the idea of reaching their financial goals becomes a reality.

By providing financial advice regarding investments, personal risk planning, retirement planning and estate planning she creates a holistic financial experience.

She specialises in providing independent, comprehensive financial advice to empower her clients to understand and achieve their financial goals.

Jaime Schmahl

Financial Advisor

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